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ImageFamous for its signature red-and-white cans, the Slim-Fast program still gives you the shakes… along with plenty of other delicious offerings that promote weight loss and optimum health.

The meal replacement plan has evolved over the years and now offers nutrition bars, meal bars, smoothies, snacks and powders. SlimFast boasts that there are more than 30 clinical studies that reveal the effectiveness of the weight-loss program.

In addition to the diet-friendly, convenient products offered by Slim-Fast, the company also puts forth personalized meal plans known as Slim-Fast Optima -- a nutritious balance of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. There are also lower-carb, low-sugar products for the carb-conscious dieter.

Women consume an average of 1,200 calories per day on the Slim-Fast plan. Maintaining this calorie level promotes weight loss. So that dieters get a wide variety of foods, the meal plan integrates both Slim-Fast products and nutrient-rich whole foods. According to Slim-Fast, their program provides 100 percent of the essential nutrients your body needs.

There’s also the convenience factor. For the dieter who’s always on the go, being able to grab a meal replacement shake or bar and a piece of fruit is a dream come true.

Someone who weighs less than 140 pounds will consume 2 Slim-Fast meal combinations, 3 fruits or vegetables and 1 sensible meal. For breakfast, a meal combination will be a Slim-Fast Optima Bar or Smoothie, along with six ounces of fat-free yogurt.

A meal combination lunch features a Slim-Fast Optima Bar or Shake, plus a half a whole-wheat English muffin with marinara sauce and part-skim milk mozzarella. There are plenty of different combos to choose from depending on your taste preferences.

The sensible meal eaten for dinner should be no more than 500 calories. Your plate is into ¼ protein, ¼ starch and ½ vegetables, along with a side salad and a dish of fruit.

Slim-Fast also endorses regular exercise and plenty of water as aids to health and weight loss. Studies have shown that people who follow the Slim-Fast plan are able to shed their extra pounds in a safe, healthy manner.

According to the Slim-Fast tenets, there are four keys to success. For starters, it requires a personalized, balanced diet that keeps your appetite under control. In addition, you'll need a customized activity program. In addition, there is support around the clock at the online support center. There are also food and fitness plans to help dieters monitor their progress.

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