Monday, September 7, 2009


Japanese couples make love in beds shaped like spaceships.

Some Italians find mortuaries a turn-on. And almost half the French have been to an orgy.

Check out these ideas to give your own sex life some international flavor
 Japan Love  Hotels

Do it anywhere you can!
In JAPAN, entire districts are devoted to "love hotels," where unmarried couples and illicit lovers go for trysts. For $25 to $80 a night, you might find a bed shaped like a gondola, a spaceship, or a pineapple, and it will likely vibrate or rotate--or both.

You also might find a vending machine for sex toys or a small pool with two slides, so you and your lover can whoosh down into each other's arms.
Strolling the beaches of COLOMBIA at sunset, you'd see couples making love on the sand: "We're not self-conscious about sex here," says Juanita, 28, a writer.
In ROMANIA, couples often live with their parents because of a housing shortage. So, when they want privacy, they sometimes resort to a parked car. "Once, my husband and I were caught by a policeman," reports Irina, 22. "He tried to take me down to the station for booking; he assumed I was a prostitute."


Publication: Marie Claire

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