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Men Surveyed on the turn them on in bed

Did you know that 41% of men prefer A-cup breasts over D-cups?

And that 53% of guys wish they had a bigger penis?

We polled 400 men to get the truth about what they want between the sheets

1) In bed, I would rather please...

my partner: 78%

"I've been with a lot of women, and being pleased isn't the point. It's more fulfilling to see your partner enjoy herself. Besides, I get so turned on by just watching a woman let go in bed."
Kyle, 26, waiter

myself: 22%

"When it comes to sex, I'm a taker. When was in college, I dated this woman for about a year. She was really into pleasing me--manually, orally, and however else. I bet that's why we lasted as long as we did."
Russell, 25, personal trainer

2) I want a bigger penis.


trues 53%

"I think the length is all right. But like most men I wouldn't mind more girth--and I sometimes worry my lack of size doesn't do the job in bed. An extra two inches would do the trick."
Craig 32 therapist

false 47%

"As my rabbl used to say it's not the size of the dreidel but how you soin it. I am well equipped and can satisfy a woman--though I did once steep with someone who complained about my size."
Ian 27, editor

3) I prefer a woman with...

D-cup breasts: 59%

"Since puberty, I've fantasized about being with women who can really fill out a T-shirt. So most women I've gone out with have had ample chests. To me, bigger is just sexier."
--Cary 28, student

A-cup breasts: 41%

"Women don't have to be stacked to get my attention. Most thin women are small on top-- that's the body type I like, It's sexy when a girl can throw on a tank top without needing a bra."
--John, 41, contractor

4) I'd be disappointed if my girlfriend's breasts were implants.

False: 55%

If they make a woman feel better about her body and give her confidence that's fine with me. Besides if they took and feel great why should I be disappointed."
-- Patrick 25, factory worker

true: 45%

"I'm not interested in anything on a woman's body that's been surgically enhanced. My girlfriend isn't huge on top, but she's nicely proportioned-and 100-percent real. And I wouldn't want her any other way."
--Matt, 29, banker

5) I 'd like a woman to ask me out.

true: 95%

"It's sexy when a woman goes after what she wants. In fact, my current girlfriend asked me out first and her confidence was such a big turn-on, I'm still with her two years later."
--Joel, 27, medical researcher

false: 5%

"I question a woman's motives when she asks me out. One woman who made the first move on me turned out to be married and looking for a way to get back at her husband."
--Steve, 33, graphic designer

6) I call myself...

a breast man: 48%

"Breasts are what I notice first, because they look so warm and inviting, in fact, sometimes, I just can't help but stare; they're what make women women."
--Mark, 26, actor

a butt man: 29%

"I wish every woman had a butt like my wife's. There's nothing better than a woman strutting her stuff."
--Frank, 37, club owner

a leg man: 23%

I'm totally turned on by women in short skirts. In fact, baggy sweatpants should be completely banned."
--Al, 24, financial manager

7) I like my partner to dress up as...

a schoolgirl: 47%

"The other day, I saw a woman in an outfit that looked like a Catholic-schoolgirl uniform, and I couldn't help but fantasize about that little plaid skirt--and what was underneath."
--Liam, 27, musician

a nurse: 35%

"After minor surgery last year, I developed fantasies about my gorgeous nurse. After all, what would be better than being spoon-fed Jell-O after a long sponge bath?"
--Daniel, 32, publicist

a prostitute: 18%

"I'm a fan of the pimp/prostitute fantasy, because you don't have to be shy about doing dirty or taboo things; you re supposed to be doing dirty and taboo things."
--Matt, 24, social worker

8) I prefer to date a woman with...

a great face: 61%

"When I'm playing onstage, I look out at the crowd and make eye contact with the audience, especially the women, to connect with them. So a stunning face--and spellbinding eyes in particular--are important to me."
--Jim, 38, musician

a great body: 39%

"A nice face is fine for day. But come night, I want a killer body. Recently, I went home with a woman whose face was OK. But when I undressed her and saw her incredible curves, I was a happy man."
--Harry 40, lawyer

9 I say "I love you" just to get sex.

false: 83%

"I won't sleep with a woman don't love-- even if that means I won't sleep with a ton of women in my life. American men tell women almost anything to get them into bed. But I'm from Trinidad, where a man would rather get to know a woman before having sex."
Nico, 47, security consultant

true: 17%

"I always tell a woman I want to sleep with that love her. Recently, I met a woman at a bar, and we had a one-night stand. Before we had sex, I said I loved her-but I wasn't lying. While we were in bed together, I did love her."
Jim, 39, driver

10 I'd want to know if my girlfriend was cheating on me.

true: 89%

A few months after I broke up with my girlfriend of four years, a mutual acquaintance told me she'd been cheating on me. It was devastating that she did that--but even more humiliating that she got away with it.
Roldan, 30, scuba instructor

false: 11%

"If my girlfriend met a guy one night she just couldn't resist and slept with him we'd both be happier if never found out I just hope she'd afford me the same luxury.
Kevin 27, corporate planner.

11) I want a woman to...

tell me if she didn't have an orgasm: 88%

"I wonder if my ex-girlfriend really enjoyed sleeping with me, because I'm not convinced she ever climaxed. If she'd been more open, I could have worked on my technique, and sex might have been more pleasurable for both of us."
Danis, 27, graphic designer

fake an orgasm if she didn't have one: 12%

"There have been times when I could tell a girlfriend--or two--was faking it. But I appreciate that they were trying to protect my feelings. I'd prefer that a woman fake it and give me helpful hints later, rather than kill the moment."
Efrain, 34, interior decorator
12 After 10 years of marriage, I'd rather have...

sex get boring: 54%

"Every morning, when I wake up next to my wife, I look forward to spending the day with her, because we communicate so well. Though it doesn't sound sexy, marriage is a merging of minds more than a coupling of bodies."
Paul, 28, club owner

conversation get boring: 46%

"Any day, I'd rather have sex with a woman than talk to her, There are a half a million things to do in bed,' and not nearly as much to talk about."
Nick, 25, painter


Publication: Marie Claire


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